Step by step instructions on Oncotect's at-home cancer screening test for dogs. 


Step 1: Activate your kit. 

Go online to register and activate your kit. You will be asked to enter information on your pet and veterinarian.

The important thing to remember is that your sample can’t be processed until it’s activated.


Step 2: Collect a urine sample. 

Check out this link to see what's included in the Oncotect testing kit.

Watch a Youtube video on Oncotect's guide to collecting a urine sample from your dog. 

“Welcome to Oncotect's guide on collecting a urine sample from your furry friend. No matter if you have a male or female dog, the process is simple and straightforward. 

Before heading outside with your dog, have the provided paper tray and a short leash at the ready. Wearing rubber gloves is essential for maintaining hygiene and preventing contamination of the sample. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after completing the collection.

For male dogs, as they lift their leg, gently and swiftly position the tray beneath the urine stream to capture the sample.

For female dogs, approach cautiously as they begin to squat, placing the tray underneath them to collect a mid-stream sample.

Utilize the provided pipette to transfer 2 milliliter of the urine into a collection tube with a lid and secure it tightly.

We hope this video has been helpful in obtaining a clean and accurate urine sample from your cherished canine companion. Thank you for watching.”


If you're experiencing challenges collecting a urine sample at home, don't hesitate to reach out to your veterinary care team. They're more than happy to assist you at the hospital!



Step 3: Ship in box. 

Once you successfully collect a urine sample in the collection tube, put the sealed plastic bag to the original box. Peel the strip and seal the box closed, then ship via USPS (United State Postal Service) on the same or next business day at the latest. Shipping has been prepaid. 


* Warnings and Precautions: Wash with water if stabilizing liquid comes in contact with eyes or skin. Do not digest. See MSDS at Small cap may pose a choking hazard.