Detect Dog Cancer Early:
Simple, At-Home Testing

Our quick and easy test, trusted by vets nationwide, identifies cancer risks in dogs using advanced science to bring peace of mind right to your doorstep.

Trusted by 150+ vets & over 1,000 dog parents

Praised and Recommended by Leading Vets

"Oncotect represents new and non invasive technology to help screen for cancer in dogs. This technology can prove to be both easily accessible and life saving. Many cancers are caught late, making them more difficult to treat and making prognosis worse for our canine patients. I support the use of Oncotect to help save more lives with early cancer screening."

“Gone are the days that cancer sneaks up on us! Since adding the Oncotect urine screen to our senior blood panels we’ve been able to find cancers early on, monitor cancer for resurgence, and provide preventative medicine.”

"I'm impressed with the accuracy of this test. I am so impressed I am running the test on my own older dog, and plan on conducting the test every 6 months for cancer vigilance."

“With results in as quick as a few days and being less invasive than other methods, I appreciate that Oncotect can quickly and comfortably offer peace of mind or a therapeutic plan to my patient’s dogs.”

Giving you more time to love your dog.

Some say knowledge is power. We believe knowledge is time. Our mission is to make it simple and convenient to screen for the risk of the most common treatable cancers (melanoma, lymphoma, mast cell tumor and hemangiosarcoma) early enough to make informed decisions for your companions.

Giving you more time to love your dog | Oncotect Dog Cancer Screening Test

A highly accurate, non-invasive, early cancer screening tool, backed by scientific clinical research.

At Oncotect, we give veterinarians the tools needed to give people answers about their pets so they have more time to study options. More time for walks. More time to find that lost bone or visit a neighborhood friend.

A pointer dog standing next to an Oncotect test results graphic showing Low Risk for cancer

The Oncotect Difference

When planning the care of your companion, time is of the essence. Early screening helps us keep animals healthy, prepare for financial implications, and manage the well-being of caretakers too.

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    Instead of drawing blood, our test uses a urine sample making it more comfortable for your pet.

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    Our tests are available at select animal hospitals and soon available online!

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    Fast & Accurate

    With fast, reliable test results, you’ll never have to worry if you could have done more.

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    It’s our mission to make Oncotect accessible and affordable to all pet parents.

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Testing is easy, fast & accurate.

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Join those who have already screened their dogs for cancer with Oncotect

"I knew something wasn’t right even though my dog's blood work came back fine. We screened with Oncotect and detected a high cancer risk. Finding the cancer early, she’s now doing great!"

“When my dog’s Oncotect results came back as low risk, it gave me peace of mind to not proceed with a very extensive surgery.”

“I lost my best friend to canine cancer a few years ago, and I'm so excited to see this kind of impactful innovation.”

  • Lucy came in for a wellness check and was found to have a high-risk for cancer.

    At 12 years old, Lucy came in for her annual wellness check. After a bump on her side was found, her veterinarian tested with Oncotect before opting for more expensive, invasive diagnostic tests.

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    Lucy's Case Study | Oncotect Pet Cancer Screening Test
  • At 9 yrs old, Brody had a tumor on his spleen. Oncotect detected low risk for cancer.

    Before opting for more expensive, invasive diagnostic tests, Brody's veterinarian wanted to confirm or deny the suspicion of cancer. Oncotect was the perfect solution.

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    Brody's Case Study | Oncotect Pet Cancer Screening Test
  • An ultrasound noted a large mass on Cassie's liver. Oncotect gave insights.

    Cassie's veterinarian used Oncotect to help confirm or deny the suspicion of cancer before opting for more expensive, invasive diagnostic tests.

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    Cassie's Case Study | Oncotect Pet Cancer Screening Test
  • After a cancerous tumor was removed, Oncotect was used to see if Wylie's cancer has spread.

    Wylie's veterinarian used Oncotect to confirm if the cancer that was removed had not spread to other areas. Wylie's results were indeed low-risk.

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    Wylie's Case Study | Oncotect Pet Cancer Screening Test

More Time to Treat.

Quickly, easily, and comfortably test your furry companion for cancer with a simple urine sample.