Giving you more time
to love your dog.

Comfortably and accurately detect cancer risks with the most accessible early-screening test available.

The Oncotect Difference

When planning the care of your companion, time is of the essence. Early screening helps us keep animals healthy, prepare for financial implications, and manage the well-being of caretakers too.

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    Instead of drawing blood, our test uses a urine sample making it more comfortable for your pet.

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    Our tests are available at select animal hospitals and soon available online!

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    Fast & Accurate

    With fast, reliable test results, you’ll never have to worry if you could have done more.

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    It’s our mission to make Oncotect accessible and affordable to all pet parents.

Test early. Test often.

We recommend testing every 6 to 12 months starting at age 7 or younger, depending on the breed.

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1 in 3 dogs will develop cancer

While no breed is immune from cancer, there are cancers that are more common in certain breeds than others. Oncotect is designed to detect the most common cancers.

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Does my dog have cancer?

There are signs that can point to cancer, including abdominal swelling, non-healing wounds, unexplained lameness, and sudden changes in weight. Read more about possible signs of cancer in our recent blog post.

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Why is Early Screening so Important?

At Oncotect, it’s our mission to make it simple and convenient to screen for the risk of the most common cancers early enough for you to have time to make informed decisions for your companion.
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Cancer is Very Common in Dogs

Almost 50% of dogs over the age of 10 will develop cancer, with over 6 million dogs diagnosed each year.

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Knowing Gives You More Time

No matter if you want to know so you can make the most of your pet’s time or so you can opt for treatment, knowledge is time.

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Detect and Manage Your Dog’s Pain

Dogs are known for hiding their pain. Screening early allows you to detect that pain and provide a better quality of life for your companion.

Cancer Screening made Comfortable, Easy and Accurate.

Once you’ve purchased your testing kit, use the provided paper boat to collect a urine sample then mail back the sample with the provided shipping label. Your dog’s results will be emailed to you within 7 business days after we receive their sample.

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Find Oncotect at an Animal Hospital Near You

Our canine cancer screening test is available at animal hospitals throughout North Carolina and Tennessee. Reach out to your veterinarian and see if Oncotect is an option they have available.

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Join those who have already screened their dogs for cancer with Oncotect

"I knew something wasn’t right even though my dog's blood work came back fine. We screened with Oncotect and detected a high cancer risk. Finding the cancer early, she’s now doing great!"

“When my dog’s Oncotect results came back as low risk, it gave me peace of mind to not proceed with a very extensive surgery.”

“I lost my best friend to canine cancer a few years ago, and I'm so excited to see this kind of impactful innovation.”

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Testing is easy, fast & accurate.

Play to see the Oncotect difference

More Time to Treat.

Quickly, easily, and comfortably test your furry companion for cancer with a simple urine sample.

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