The science & research behind Oncotect:

Publication on the science behind Oncotect's non-invasive cancer detection in canine urine in Frontiers in Veterinary Science, August 2022.

Vet approved, low cost, and highly accurate.

See the differences between Oncotect’s early detection screening test and the alternative screening methods on the market.

A comparison chart showing Oncotect versus other cancer screening methods, such as PetDx and Volition

Discover why Oncotect is the chosen cancer screening test of so many veterinarians.

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The Benefits of Oncotect

At Oncotect, it’s our mission to make it simple and convenient to screen for the risk of the most common cancers early enough to have time to make informed decisions for your companion.
An icon of urine sample in a collection container | Oncotect
Non-invasive testing, requires only 1 mL of urine

With Oncotect’s non-invasive testing, no more are the days of drawing blood. One urine sample is all we need to detect cancer risk for the most common pet cancers.

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Detect common canine cancers, fast, early & accurately.

Oncotect detects some of the most common cancers, melanoma, lymphoma, mast cell tumor, and hemangiosarcoma at 85% sensitivity and 96% specificity, as demonstrated by clinical data.

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Affordable testing makes screening accessible

Testing is made affordable to ensure parents of pets 7 years or older can diligently screen every 6-12 months. The DIY kit can be used at home without an exam or veterinarian prescription.

Praised and Recommended by Leading Vets

“With results in as quick as a few days and being less invasive than other methods, I appreciate that Oncotect can quickly and comfortably offer peace of mind or a therapeutic plan to my patient’s dogs.”

“Gone are the days that cancer sneaks up on us! Since adding the Oncotect urine screen to our senior blood panels we’ve been able to find cancers early on, monitor cancer for resurgence, and provide preventative medicine.”

"I'm impressed with the accuracy of this test. I am so impressed I am running the test on my own older dog, and plan on conducting the test every 6 months for cancer vigilance."

"Oncotect represents new and non invasive technology to help screen for cancer in dogs. This technology can prove to be both easily accessible and life saving. Many cancers are caught late, making them more difficult to treat and making prognosis worse for our canine patients. I support the use of Oncotect to help save more lives with early cancer screening."

  • Lucy came in for a wellness check and was found to have a high-risk for cancer.

    At 12 years old, Lucy came in for her annual wellness check. After a bump on her side was found, her veterinarian tested with Oncotect before opting for more expensive, invasive diagnostic tests.

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    Lucy's Case Study | Oncotect Pet Cancer Screening Test
  • At 9 yrs old, Brody had a tumor on his spleen. Oncotect detected low risk for cancer.

    Before opting for more expensive, invasive diagnostic tests, Brody's veterinarian wanted to confirm or deny the suspicion of cancer. Oncotect was the perfect solution.

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    Brody's Case Study | Oncotect Pet Cancer Screening Test
  • An ultrasound noted a large mass on Cassie's liver. Oncotect gave insights.

    Cassie's veterinarian used Oncotect to help confirm or deny the suspicion of cancer before opting for more expensive, invasive diagnostic tests.

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    Cassie's Case Study | Oncotect Pet Cancer Screening Test
  • After a cancerous tumor was removed, Oncotect was used to see if Wylie's cancer has spread.

    Wylie's veterinarian used Oncotect to confirm if the cancer that was removed had not spread to other areas. Wylie's results were indeed low-risk.

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    Wylie's Case Study | Oncotect Pet Cancer Screening Test

Oncotect Scientific Advisors

Oncotect’s scientific advisors are veterinarians, scientists, and entrepreneurs committed to pioneering early screening of cancer risk in dogs.
Jong-Hyuk Kim, DVM, PhD
Jong-Hyuk Kim, DVM, PhD
University of Florida
Chuck Miller, DVM
Chuck Miller, DVM
Triangle Veterinary Hospital
David Ruslander, DVM, DACVIM, DACVR
David Ruslander, DVM, DACVIM, DACVR
BluePearl Pet Hospital
Jacob Berchuck, MD
Jacob Berchuck, MD
Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Steve Shaw, DVM, DACVIM
Steve Shaw, DVM, DACVIM
SAGE Veterinary Centers
Page Wages, DVM
Page Wages, DVM
Care First Animal Hospital