What is the Oncotect test?

The Oncotect test is a cutting-edge cancer screening solution for dogs, developed by a team of highly qualified veterinarians, scientists, and pet advocates. As a non-invasive, highly accurate, and affordable screening test, it offers a convenient and proactive approach to screening cancer risks in dogs. The test identifies the presence of cancer-associated volatile metabolites, providing veterinary professionals and pet owners with the information they need to make informed decisions about their pet's health. With its unique multi-cancer capabilities, the Oncotect test is a valuable tool for early cancer detection and improved outcomes for dogs.

Can the Oncotect test detect specific types of cancer?

How accurate is the Oncotect test?

What type of cancer can the Oncotect test detect?

How early can the test detect cancer?

Does early diagnosis of cancer help with effective treatment?

What are the clinical signs of cancer in dogs?

If the test result shows low risk, what is the next step?

If the test result shows moderate risk, what is the next step?

If the test result shows high risk, what is the next step?

Does the Oncotect test only work for dogs?

Is a veterinary prescription required for the test?

Is Oncotect a vet-approved test?

When should I start testing my dog?

Can we get an Oncotect test via Pet Insurance?

How do I collect a urine sample?

How do I store the urine sample?

After collection, how do I ship the sample?

What happens if I mess up my urine collection kit?

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