Comprehensive Dog Owner Survey

Comprehensive Dog Owner Survey

In August 2021, Oncotect conducted a comprehensive survey targeting US adults aged 18-69 with a household income of $70,000 or more. Out of the 400 respondents, 92.2% (365 individuals) had either lost a dog to cancer or knew someone who had. Over 55% of participants expressed moderate to extreme concern about their canine companion's health and the risk of cancer. However, 79.8% were unaware of any cancer screening methods for dogs, and 39.5% had never screened their pets for cancer. The primary barrier to more frequent screenings was cost, as reported by 51% of respondents.

have you ever lost a dog to cancer before oncotect cancer screening test

dog owners concerned about dogs health oncotect cancer screening test

dog owners willingness to screen cancer risk using non-invasive affordable way oncotect

When asked about their interest in a non-invasive, convenient, and accurate cancer screening method for dogs, 32% were very interested, 29.5% extremely interested, and 23.2% moderately interested. Most respondents preferred veterinary practices offering such services, with 70.8% willing to switch practices and 87.7% encouraging their current vet to provide the test. Moreover, if the test indicated cancer risk, 86.1% were willing to spend extra money to determine the type and location.

veterinarian offering oncotect cancer screening test for dogs

dog owners willingness to spend money to treat cancer oncotect cancer screening test for dogs

These findings highlight the demand for affordable, non-invasive cancer screening for dogs, indicating that pet owners are keen to engage with veterinary practices offering such services. They also show that dog owners are prepared to invest in further assessment if initial screenings suggest cancer risk.

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