5 Reasons I Regret Not Screening My Dog for Cancer Sooner

A Personal Journey

By Rachel Tunnie 

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1. Early Detection Could Have Saved Us Time and Worry

When my dog was finally diagnosed with cancer, it came as a shock. We had spent months visiting the vet for various symptoms, never realizing they could be connected to something more serious.

If we had used Oncotect's at-home cancer screening test earlier, we could have detected the disease in its nascent stages, saving us countless hours of worry and uncertainty.

Early detection not only gives you a roadmap for treatment but also spares you the emotional toll of watching your beloved pet suffer without understanding why.

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2. The Guilt of Not Knowing Sooner is Overwhelming

Living with the guilt of not having screened for cancer sooner weighs heavily on me. I keep thinking about the signs that I brushed off as age-related or minor.

Had I been more proactive with Oncotect's screening, perhaps we could have caught the cancer before it advanced. This regret has taught me the importance of regular screenings, especially for older dogs or breeds predisposed to cancer.

It's a simple step that can significantly impact your pet's health and your peace of mind.

3. Financial Strain Could Have Been Mitigated

The cost of cancer treatment for dogs can be astronomical, especially when dealing with advanced stages that require more aggressive treatments.

Early detection with Oncotect could have led to less invasive and more affordable treatment options. I was not prepared for the financial burden that late-stage cancer treatment placed on our family.

Regular, affordable screenings could have detected the disease earlier, potentially reducing the overall cost of treatment and sparing us the financial stress.

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4. Treatment Options Would Have Been More Effective

By the time my dog's cancer was diagnosed, our treatment options were limited. Earlier detection through Oncotect's screening could have opened the door to more effective treatments with a higher success rate.

Early-stage cancers are often more responsive to treatment, offering a better prognosis and quality of life for your pet.

I can't help but wonder if earlier screening could have prolonged my dog's life with less pain and more joy.

5. Missed Moments and Memories

Reflecting on the time lost to my dog's illness, I regret not having more happy moments together.

Cancer took a toll on her energy and wellbeing long before we knew what was happening. Early screening with Oncotect could have caught the disease sooner, allowing for treatment that could have maintained her quality of life longer.

The chance to make more memories and share more joyful days is invaluable. I wish I had realized sooner the power of early detection in preserving those precious moments.

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“Gone are the days that cancer sneaks up on us!”
- Dr. Page Wages, DVM

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Because of its ease of use and high accuracy, Oncotect's starting to become more and more popular. 

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“Gone are the days that cancer sneaks up on us! Since adding the Oncotect urine screen to our senior blood panels, we’ve been able to find cancers early on, monitor cancer for resurgence, and provide preventative medicine.”
- Dr. Page Wages, DVM

“With results in as quick as a few days and being less invasive than other methods, I appreciate that Oncotect can quickly and comfortably offer peace of mind or a therapeutic plan to my patient’s dogs.”
- Dr. Martha Edwards, DVM

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Empowering Stories from the Community

The real testament to Oncotect's impact comes from the community it's built.

Even though they just launched their revolutionary product, they've already saved countless of lives.

Vicki shared how the test spared her dog from unnecessary surgery, while Laura expressed excitement about this innovation, wishing it had been available for her late companion.

These stories are a powerful reminder of Oncotect's life-saving potential.

Lucy came in for a wellness check and was found to have a high-risk for cancer.

At 12 years old, Lucy came in for her annual wellness check. After a bump on her side was found, her veterinarian tested with Oncotect before opting for more expensive, invasive diagnostic tests.

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Kim S. & Kiwi  


Super easy 

 The kit comes with everything you need and the results only take about a week to receive. I feel better knowing my girl has a low risk for cancer. Thank you for making it so easy!


Megan L. & Bernie


Easy Peasy

Super easy to get a sample and send it in! Definitely gives a piece of mind.


Mary P. & Cookie



This is such a great product for all pet parents. Having this tool could be very useful to detect any early cancers. It’s very easy to use! Definitely worth it!

Now It's Your Move

As dog moms and dads, our primary goal is to ensure the health and happiness of our pups.

Oncotect offers more than just a cancer screening test.

It offers a chance to extend those precious moments with our beloved pets.

In a world where early detection can mean the difference between life and death, can we afford to wait?

Act now, for the love of your dog.

Because every moment counts.

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Please be advised that the early screening test results provided by Oncotect are not intended to serve as a definitive diagnosis. Oncotect is a risk assessment tool based on clinical studies of four cancer types (lymphoma, hemangiosarcoma, mast cell tumor, and melanoma) and is designed to evaluate the risk of cancer at the time the test was performed. The "low," "moderate," or "high risk" results do not confirm or rule out cancer. It is crucial for pet owners not to rely solely on the results of Oncotect for diagnostic purposes, but instead to consult with their veterinarian for proper interpretation and guidance. Further testing and/or examination may be recommended by the veterinarian to obtain a more accurate assessment of your pet's health. By using Oncotect, you acknowledge and understand the limitations of the test and agree that the company providing the Oncotect test shall not be held liable for any misinterpretation.

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